Where To Party In Washington DC

Party is life and is for all ages. Why it is nice to go partying in Washington, DC? There are numerous reasons why you should try partying in Washington. One of the reasons is because it is home to almost 47 dance clubs situated in nightlife districts including Downtown and Midtown. If you are a tourist or new to the town, you can easily find a dance club or a bar near your hotel or where you’re staying. One thing is for sure, in Washington you can always find a nice place that suits your personality.

Here is a guide of good places where you can go to party or just chill:

U Street Music Hall

If you are looking for a mini concert hall, U Street Music Hall is the right one for you. It is a small room where you can see your favorite band performing live like you are in a private show. The hall is built so people can dance and be up closed to their favorite band. The bar is basic, so do not expect more, but the sound is definitely good, there is no reason for you not to dance and enjoy.

Eighteenth Street Lounge

If you are looking to experience variety of music, multiple floors and different people of different ages, you should definitely try Eighteenth Street Lounge. This nightclub is offering multiple bars each with different music backgrounds to set the vibes. You can do salsa dancing, jazz dancing, romantic dancing, and so much more. They have live DJ for the dance floor and excellently decorated bars setted to different moods.

Fado Irish Pub

This pub is a traditional Irish one which is very great if you just want to feel the almost authentic Irish atmosphere. Not quite like a party hub, but more of a chill out place, this is exactly what you need after your hard day in the office. The music is not too loud and the price of the food and drinks (beers) are reasonably priced.

The Next Whisky Bar

Now, if you are looking for an elegant place where you can hang out, The Next Whisky Bar is the recommended one. From its lobby that is illuminated with 2,500 whisky bottles glowing in amber colors up to its refined interior with spaces separated with whisky walls, you will surely feel its glamorous atmosphere. This bar is offering high-end whiskies and well-crafted scotch alongside its stunning decor. But prepare yourself because the place is not spacious, perfect for eavesdropping, and the prices are a little bit higher than unusual (as you should expect).

The Boomerang Party Yatch

Dance your night away with Boomerang Party Yatch. The yatch is sailing on Potomac River on a double-decker cruiser that can hold up to 74 passengers for two hours. The ticket is cheap and so are the drinks. The DJs will surely hit the beats you like so you could party all night. This is a perfect night out party to be enjoyed with your friends. Enjoy extremely loud music and be ready to get drunk.

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