Things to Do When Visiting Washington DC

Beyond the traditional attractions in Washington DC, you will find brilliant arts, delicious fresh foods, fun nightlife scenes and so much more! So before making an exit and burying yourself to lots and lots of paper works, take time to enjoy the view of DC – explore like there’s no tomorrow!

  • Explore the U.S. Capitol

While the U.S. Capitol building’s guided tours are free of charge, they require tickets which are given on a first come, first serve basis. Nearby is the Capitol Visitor Center where you can learn historic artifacts.


  • Gaze inside the National Mall

If you’re fond of going to shopping malls, take time to visit the National Mall in DC. With so many historic places and top-notch museums (e.g. Smithsonian and the National Air and Space Museum), your vacation will be all worth it.


  • See the animals at the National Zoo

The National Zoo is sited in the Rock Creek Park’s southern end. Here, you can see the ever popular lions, pandas, gorillas, elephants, tigers, and even orangutans.


  • Take a tour at Rock Creek Park

Spans over 2,000 acres within Northwest DC and considered as the oldest urban park, Rock Creek Park boasts picnic grounds, hiking trails, and above all, an amphitheater with bicycle paths, summer concert series, a nature center, ranger-led programs, a planetarium, a tennis center, and a lot more!


  • Appreciate the beauty of arts at the National Gallery of Art

A world-class and popular art museum that shows one of the broadest collections of unique masterpieces across the world, including prints, drawings, decorative arts, photographs, paintings, and sculpture.

  • Don’t miss the walking tour

The walking tour companies provide Washington tours for free. Here, you can hear legendary and original stories about so many things, like the president’s car’s indestructibility and the love of George Washington for dogs.

  • Enrich your knowledge at National Air and Space Museum

Another must-visit place in this area is the National Air and Space Museum. Undeniably, it features three skylit and double-height galleries, accommodating aircraft, house missiles as well as space station. You will surely be amazed once you see the Soviet SS-20 and US Pershing-II nuclear missiles situated near to the famous moon rock station. Not only that, it also houses the 1903 Wright Flyer, world’s fist piloted craft.

  • Visit Lincoln Memorial

It’s your chance to see the famous Lincoln Memorial, an awe-inspiring tribute to the Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president of the US. It has been found that the man was assassinated in a theatre event. In this site, the statue of the president is enclosed by a stunning Greek Doric-style temple.

As a matter of fact, this place has been featured many times in numerous Hollywood movies like Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.  You may pay a visit here anytime.

There you have it—top destination you should not miss for the world when you’re here in Washington DC. So, keep yourself entertained with these ideas! And don’t forget to bring a good camera with you to capture great memories.


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