Is Online Dating Dying in Toronto?

Online dating has entered a downward spiral across the world, and Toronto is no exception to the trend. Torontonians are becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the mechanical act of swiping left and right, which is as detached as scrolling through a social media feed.

Online dating seems to be booming, but it’s well past its golden age. If you want to meet girls in Toronto, you stand a better chance the old-fashioned way: incidental meetings at the gym, introductions from coworkers or friends, or one of the city’s myriad of singles events. These include being paired on ski chairs and doing runs together. Locals will tell you that today, they prefer meeting face to face.

Data of IBIS World show the North American dating industry, valued at $ 3 billion, grew by 140 percent between 2009 and 2019. There are almost 60 million users of mobile dating apps on this continent alone. IBIS expects the figure to increase by 25 percent this year.

Many Toronto women share on forums that while they continue to use dating apps, they do so without much enthusiasm. The reason most of them still do is to laugh with their friends over the texts they get from men. They say online dating has become superficial, fake, and disappointing. You can’t get to know people by texting them, and an app does not let you detect chemistry.

Rather than obsessive-compulsive swiping, the new thing in Toronto is IRL dating or “in real life” dating. Nothing can beat the adrenaline rush when you meet a stranger, your gazes meet, and the dance older than time itself starts.

People have grown to dislike dating apps because of the impersonal approach to communicating and connecting combined with no-shows, ghosting, fake profiles, and catfishing. More and more people in Toronto have become stressed and anxious about looking for love on the internet. These are not even the only risks. After cheating a Toronto woman out of her money in a “real estate investment”, a man cut off all contact with her. They had met via a dating app. After chatting for a month, the man told the woman about an investment he considered lucrative. After his proposal, she sent him a large sum of money, and he stopped talking to her after receiving the funds.

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