FIFA Women’s World Cup Update USA is Still on the Lead

The United States of America continue to sit atop the FIFA/Coca-Cola Women’s World Ranking.

The seeding for the final draw for Australia and New Zealand 2023 will be determined based on the rankings from October. The ranking now includes a record 187 national teams from around the world.

The most recent iteration of the FIFA/Coca-Cola Women’s World Ranking, which will be one of the factors considered in determining the seedings for the Draw for the FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia & New Zealand 2023TM, has seen a significant number of shifts (Draw procedure available here). The Draw will take place on October 22 in Auckland (New Zealand), whereas the Draw for the Play-Off Tournament will take place eight days earlier.

The three clubs that were ranked first, second, and third in August 2022 are still in those positions, albeit in somewhat different orders. Despite the fact that the United States of America (1st, -) continue to lead the pack, Sweden (2nd, plus 1) have overtaken Germany to take second place (3rd, minus 1). The top five positions are rounded up by England (4th, -) and France (5th, -).

There is a significant amount of activity below them. Spain is now in sixth place, up two spots after their 2-0 victory over the United States on Tuesday, while the Netherlands are now in eighth place, down two spots. There were no fewer than nine teams that moved positions between 11th and 20th, including Belgium (20th, minus 1), who had the most point decrease of any team in the whole list (minus 32.46).

Portugal (23rd, plus 4) were the top climbers in the Top 50 with a jump of four places and 54.19 points. They recently qualified for the intercontinental play-offs for Australia and New Zealand 2023. However, nobody moved up the rankings more than Estonia (96th, plus 10), who jumped ten places into the top 100, while Bangladesh (140th, plus 7) advanced seven places themselves. Nobody else improved their position more than Estonia.

Syria (now ranked 157th) and Pakistan are the two new teams who have entered the competition after the previous ranking was published in August (160th). The current number of FIFA member associations that are included in the women’s ranking is 187 thanks to this latest addition. In total, there are 211 member associations that make up FIFA.

On Friday, October 14, at 12.00 Central European Time (CET), the Draw for the Play-Off Tournament for the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 will take place. The following 10 teams have earned a spot in the play-off tournament: Portugal (23rd), Chile (38th), Chinese Taipei (40th), Thailand (41st), Papua New Guinea (50th), Paraguay (51st), Haiti (56th), Panama (57th), Cameroon (58th), and Senegal (84th).

For the complete ranking, please click here. On December 9th, 2022, the next installment of the FIFA/Coca-Cola Women’s World Ranking will be released.

LeaderUSA (unchanged)
Moves into top 10None
Moves out of top 10None
Matches played in total133
Most matches playedTanzania, Bangladesh, Bhutan (5)
Biggest move by pointsPortugal (plus 54.19)
Biggest move by ranksEstonia (plus 10)
Biggest drop by pointsBelgium (minus 32.46)
Biggest drop by ranksKazakhstan (minus 11)
Newly ranked teamsSyria, Pakistan
Teams that are no longer rankedNone

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