Fascinating Facts About The Washington DC, Swinger Culture

The swinging lifestyle is something which often boggles the mind. Some of it has to do with the fact that they are couples in committed relationships who are swingers. These people have no qualms about letting someone else have sex with their spouses. Or about them sharing each other with fellow swingers. That is not to say that all swingers are married or in serious relationships. On the contrary since many non-monogamous couples are also part of the swinger scene. Overall, there are many fascinating facts about the swinger culture. A few you may know about, but perhaps most you do not. Either way, they make for some very interesting reading and knowledge absorption.

One of the myths or popular beliefs about swingers is that they are a secret society. That most of them are part of the 60s and 70s sexual revolution whom never managed to escape it. However, the swinger community is not a tiny minority. There are more swingers today than ever before since people have more liberal views than ever. Plus, with pornography becoming so mainstream, promiscuity and sex are more prevalent now. The large amount of swinger porn videos found online attest to that. Adult sites have hundreds of thousands of this type of salacious adult content. In fact, there are sub-categories based on the swinger concept.

The wife porn videos are part of that sub-genre. These are people who love seeing their wives have sex with other individuals. While they may join in some cases, mostly they watch them doing it. Today, there are hundreds of swingers clubs all over the world. In the US, there are thousands which swingers can join. They make the entire swinging lifestyle their primary philosophy.

One interesting fact about swingers is the amount of orgasms they have. According to stats, more than 30 percent of women in the world have trouble having orgasms. While there are numerous reasons behind this, it is still worth noting. Especially when compared to how swingers females fared out. A survey done on more than 1,200 swingers showed alarming stats. They only had 1% of men and just 5% of women not reaching orgasms. Those stats are starkly different from the regular population.

Swingers are also known to have safe words that they used. But, not all of them are reserved for the bedroom. Swinging couples have signals and safe words they use with each other. This helps them avoid awkward situations later on before things get wild and frisky. In the same manner, swingers have their own terminology and language. For instance, someone who is not in their community is called a ‘vanilla.’ Other words include things such as HWP (height-weight-proportionate) and DP which stands for double penetration. That’s in reference to whether or not a person is into both anal and vaginal sex.

Not all swingers are the same since there are some who set boundaries. There are those who are straight and only swing with others of the opposite sex. On the other hand, some females and males are bisexual. Then, you have those who are voyeurs and like to watch while some love to show off. The latter exhibitionist, tend to be those you see in the swinger porn content or the wife porn videos.

When it comes to the actual number of swingers, no one really knows how many there really are. But, there are far more of them than people seem to think. Recent research seems to indicate that about 4 percent of the population in the United States are swingers. Since many couples keep the swinging habits to themselves, it’s safe to assume the numbers are bigger. As far as honesty and openness is concerned, swingers beat out traditional marriages. Stats show that more than 20 percent of those who are married cheat on their mates. On the other hand, couples who are swingers are more open; especially regarding their attractions to someone else. In turn, they have fewer reasons to lie to their spouses about any sexual or other desires.

Another plus for swingers compared to regular couples is jealousy. They tend to be far less jealous than those who are in relationships which are monogamous. Since they have less fear about their spouses cheating, they have greater flexibility mentally. This may help explain why monogamous couples cheat in the first place. They look for sexual fulfillment outside of their marriage because of it. Too many people also think that swingers are old folks. Or that they are individuals bored with their relationships. But, data shows otherwise since the average swinger age is about 31 for women. Men swingers start the average age of 35. Most have also been married for more than ten years. For them, swinging makes things far more interesting and fun.

After examining these stats, one can speculate about swingers in their area. Chances are you may live next to a couple who are swingers. You just don’t know about it yet.